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Wayne Harker

Wayne Harker

Также известно как: Wayne, Wayne Marker
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/seaweedseaweedseaweed, http://www.seaweed.de.com/musician.htm

Дискография Wayne Harker:

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Cape Town-born multi-instrumentalist and producer, now living in Cologne. Wayne Harker's break arrived in 1983 in the form of being picked as the new drummer for popular South African "ethnotronic" band [a=éVoid]. His stint with the band was, however, cut short when he was arrested by the military police (AWOL during conscription). He managed to re-join them in 1984, only to quit again in 1985 to play with a Capetonian outfit called [b]Askari[/b]. After a short time with that group he absconded to the UK (thus depriving the army of the remainder of his mandatory service) and re-joined the other two-thirds of [a=éVoid] (the Windrich brothers) who had also settled in London. "Woza" Wayne has been residing in Cologne, Germany since 1992 when, after a brief tour of Europe, he was denied re-entry into the UK. He resumed his musical career there, keeping afloat via various production jobs, finally releasing his debut solo album "Culture Shock" under the [b]Sea Weed[/b] monicker in 2006 and turning it into a live act.

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