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Ingela Brander

Ingela Brander

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Дискография Ingela Brander:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Recital 4 audio iTunes
2 Party Mit Ingela 12 audio iTunes 1967-02-00 Philips
3 Recital 4 audio iTunes 1964
4 Ich Spiel' So Gerne Saxophon / Die Mädchen Aus Schweden 2 audio iTunes 1963 Decca
5 Küssen Kann Man Lernen / Dunkelblaue Augen Hatte Er 2 audio iTunes 1964 Decca
6 Warum Küßt Du Mich Nicht ? / Mississippi Riverboat 2 audio iTunes 1964 Philips
7 Recital Ingela Brander 4 audio iTunes
8 Tscha La La 4 audio iTunes 1965 Philips

Swedish singer, saxophonist, actress, born in march 1st, 1943, Borås, Sweden. Well known during the 60's she had very short career until 1969 when she retired for unknown reasons. Since 1969 she has lived a secluded life in Switzerland. At 5 years old, she moved with parents to Malmö where she grew up. Even as a 6-year-old she started playing saxophone. She took the Lower school certificate at the Malmö Technical Institutions Merkantil Engineering as the only woman among 300 men. Became an expert on IBM punch cards , and later worked at Addo - a Swedish world enterprise of office machines, where she had in producing the first Swedish math machine "electronic brain Vegematic 1000" to do. She had his permanent base in Malmö, but toured all over Europe and recorded several records and appeared in radio programs and in Swedish, German and Danish TV. She was such on tour in Israel and was engaged to perform at the prestigious restaurant Mikado in Tokyo during the Olympics, the 1964th In Denmark mourned impressarioen Fritz Ruzicka that she was a famous artist. For five years she lived in Charlottenlund near Copenhagen. Ingela Brander also composed himself and had particular success with his "Sax-serenade". She had a short and intense career. For some years she cultivated painting and had particular several exhibitions. Since she was 25 years owner of a restaurant and petrol station at the autobahns. Ingela Brander starred in a number of Danish and German films in the 1960s. She figured frequently in the daily and weekly press. In 1963 she starred in the German film "Zwei blaue Vergissmeinnicht".

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