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Marcela Rusu

Также известно как: Marcela Russu
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Дискография Marcela Rusu:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Drăguț Din Partea Ta / Mon Amour, Mon Amour / Ce-a Fost Între Noi Doi / Vorbește-mi Despre Tine 4 audio iTunes 1967 Electrecord

Romanian actress born in Galați, June 21 , 1926 - passed away February 19, 2002. Graduates school and later to follow her sister, actress Nina Rusu, in Bucharest. Graduates Royal Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts, Bucharest, in the class of [a2722204]. Artistic debut - as a dancer in musical theater “Gioconda” (“Romanian Rhapsody” today) . Between 1940-1950 featured in various artistic troupes in Bucharest . Her debut as actress was achieved in 1950 with the show “Ziua cea mare”(“The Big Day”) by [a3363375] although in 1948 he starred in the play “Othello” the role of Desdemona . In 1956, at the Festival of Dramatic Art in Paris was noted because impetuosity with which he played in “Ultima Oră” (“The Last Time”) by [a2722202] . She played over three decades at National Theatre Bucharest with great success. Also played in many movies as : “Bulevardul fluieră vîntu” 1950, “Fii cuminte, Cristofor!” 1967, “Tom Sawyer” - TV Series 1967, “Moartea lui Joe indianul” 1968. Radioplay starring :”Regele petrece” 1952, “A douăsprezecea noapte” 1953, ”Jocul ielelor” 1958, “Cui i-e frica de Virginia Wolf” 1980. Was married to director [a3090634], then politician Alexandru Bârladeanu and with writer with [a2722205]. In 1989 she retired from artistic life. In November 2001 he was awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of Bucharest” for his artistic activity. Died on February 19, 2002 , she wanted his passing to be discrete and her ashes to be thrown on the steps of her National Theatre Bucharest . Which happened on 21 February 2002.

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