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John Critchley

Также известно как: Chritchley, Critchley

Дискография John Critchley:

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John Critchley became known in the music world as the driving force behind the widely celebrated Canadian band, [a1245569]. John was the singer and lead guitarist in the band and produced several of their albums. In 2000, John released his first solo CD "Crooked Mile," on the SoundKing/Outside imprint to critical acclaim. John has recently focused his attention producing and engineering in [l266448], of which he is the owner. John has also been active in scoring for film and television. In 2002 he scored the feature film “Goldirocks” which had it’s theatrical debut in Toronto and enjoyed an extensive international film festival run, winning “Best Indie Feature” at the La Femme Film Festival in Los Angeles. John has since also recorded and sound edited the special features segment of the Goldirocks DVD.

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