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Alfie Shepherd

Clive Shepherd

Дискография Alfie Shepherd:

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Clive "Alfie" Shepherd was a member of Angel Pavement, a group from York who were embraced by the psychedelic era in the 1960s. In the aftermath of Angel Pavement's split in December, 1970, Alfie continued to write and record at home. One project Shepherd had been working on was a musical adaptation of the famous Kenneth Grahame children's novel, Wind In The Willows. Shepherd was assisted, lyrically, by his friend and Angel Pavement roadie, Terry Morris with a view to recording the songs in the studio with Angel Pavement. Unfortunately, the group disbanded before this could be arranged and although the project never got any further than the home demo stage, Shepherd continued writing and recording. Angel Pavement's ex-manager, Mal Spence took several of his tapes, including the ‘Wind in the Willows’ project demo tape, down to London to play to various music establishments and there was considerable interest, but all offers involved Shepherd being involved in the recording process, which was not what he wanted as he had decided that he no longer wished to perform. In 2008 noted music historian and curator, David Wells issued a CD containing the Wind In The Willows project and further demos, through his CD outlet, Wooden Hill.

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