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Dynamic Certified

Дискография Dynamic Certified:

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Dynamic Certified™ no rookies to the game, is not only a group but a movement. Branding itself in the HIP HOP community for over a decade. Hailing from out of Long Beach, California, The face of the brand being comprised of Co Founder and Artist Pac "Enzo" Ten and Long Standing member and artist Jerzey "Infinity Gems" J. The chemistry between the two lyricist is impeccably undeniable. Both having two totally different and distinctive sounds, each could be a solo artist in their own right. Together they find the precise harmonious mixture to deliver clear, clever and conscientious content while maintaining the musical integrity conducive to the mainstream market. This ability to balance the skill of an edging underground artist and the flair, swagger and appeal of mainstream superstars has separated the two from the rest of the pack. Their range as artist allows them to target any market they deem fit. Also making it hard for them to be pigeon holed into any particular category as artist. Dynamic Certified™ sets the bar musically and aesthetically in terms of quality, production and prestige. Their ultimate goal is to raise a level of awareness of the youth through music and media. Not only giving Hip Hop a face lift but society as a whole. Poised to position themselves as one of Hip Hops elite, Dynamic Certified™ is the here and now

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