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Patrizia Musolino

Patrizia Musolino

Также известно как: Patty Musolino

Дискография Patrizia Musolino:

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Italodance singer, Patrizia Musolino is a great unmistakable voice of the 90s, born in Catanzaro (Calabria) and currently lives in Milan, Italy. If specializes before starting his career studying voice and piano too, studied and graduated in Academy of Modern Music. Patrizia was known in various projects in different ways, such as [a=Pat Cole] in the wonderful production of [a=Maurizio Parafioriti], [a=Paolo Galeazzi] and collaboration with co-production of rapper [a=Tony Acardi] A.K.A. [a=DJ Peeza] in "Everybody Look At Me" by [a=Blue Beat] in 1994, produced by [l=Energy Production] and labeled by [l=Extreme Records]. It has also been licensed by the French engraver [l=Airplay Records] that same year, to be distributed on CD-Maxi. In 1995, Patrizia gave voice along with [a=Claudio Zennaro] in "Space Bubble" by [a=Einstein Doctor Deejay], produced by the same Zennaro and also using the fundamental engineering of [a=Fulvio Zafret] and [a=Sergio Portaluri]. Labeled by [l=Enterprise Records] originally in Italy and distributed on CD-Maxi by the French [l=Atoll Music] and also by the German [l=ZYX Music] as [a=Einstein Doctor DJ], both also in 1995. In 1996, appears in another great Italian production, by sublabel of [l=Discomagic Records] ([l=House Of Mus]) on "You & Me" by [a=Stella (13)]. That same year Patrizia has another project different, the style has changed Italodance to do a project of Trance for [a=Robert Miles], another cover version of success composed by [a=Eric Bazilian] "One Of Us" by [a=Donna Richards]. Already in the late 90s, worked on projects that used versions of the [a=Madonna] covers, like "Frozen" by [a=Patty] and other productions using the title of [a=Patty]. Patrizia Musolino also meet with the name of Patrizia Nitti.

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