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Highlife (3)

Дискография Highlife (3):

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Highlife,is a German Hip Hop artist. Born in Mainz (near Frankfurt, Germany) he's been with hiphop since day one. In the early 90's, after years of graffiti, breakdancing and freestyling, he established the Lamma studios with his partner-in-rhyme "Hannibal" which became the home of his Highmusic. Influenced mostly by New York rap and classic funk/soul-music he developed his own musical style and design. Over the years Highlife has been a member of various rap groups as both producer and MC. His portfolio includes collaborations with artists from USA, Germany, UK to Japan and others. Currently he is working as producer & songwriter of the Bangkok based "Silksounds", collaborating with various artists like the famous "Thaitanium" crew or Japan's "Terry the Aki".

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