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Nortron X

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/nortronx

Дискография Nortron X:

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NORTRON X is the new project of N (a.k.a.NoiD). N was involved with musick by the age of 11, in his 20's was a member of the cult black metal band, Rotting Christ,(for 7 years),the mane "brain"behind both records of the EBM-Industrial band,Siva Six, in 2003 the collaboration with Rotting Christ was ended as in 2006 was ended with Siva Six. Now with NORTRON X is producing manely noizy industrial, but with elements of techno,electro,idm,breakore,jazz, ambient,ritual and everything else that can fuse into N's darc-apocalyptic-violent vision.

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