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Yohan Esprada

Также известно как: YAL
Группа в интернете: http://www.yohanesprada.com

Дискография Yohan Esprada:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Gleam Of Spirit EP 4 audio iTunes 2008-05-27 Next Dimension Music
2 Twenty 6 Ep 3 audio iTunes 2008-12-05 DeepSound Records
3 Sly 9 audio iTunes 2009-07-23 Next Dimension Music
4 Gleam Of Spirit 2 EP 4 audio iTunes 2009-04-23 Next Dimension Music
5 Let's Work EP 3 audio iTunes 2009-12-11 Linda Records
6 Baiser Sucré EP 8 audio iTunes 2010-05-04 Underground Collective Recordings
7 Try Me feat Loréna 6 audio iTunes 2010-10-27 Soulheat Records
8 Crème de la Crème Ep 4 audio iTunes 2010-10-21 Deso Records
9 Rhodes Island EP 8 audio iTunes 2010-11-12 Tokyo Red Recordings
10 Lost In Time EP 2 audio iTunes 2010-11-29 Next Dimension Music
11 Phoenix Of Love 5 audio iTunes 2012-07-16 UM Records
12 Sly 9 audio iTunes 2009-09-29 Next Dimension Music
13 Raw 5 EP 4 audio iTunes 2014-04-08 Chat Noir Records (2)

Lover of electronic sound since 1994 due to Little Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Dj Duke, George Morel, Laurent Garnier and DJ since 1996, Yohan Esprada has traveled all the world of house music from the Garage to Acid House but also Soulful Music to Deephouse. Having played with DJs like Jerome Pacman, Small, D'Julz, Jeff Deshilton, Laurent Wolf, DJ Rork, Charles Schillings (...) everywhere in Europe, he acquired a solid experience by his exhibits in Dancefloors of renowned but also in Lounge's atmosphere that he appreciates particularly. His sets range from House, Deep and Minimal. A mixture of genres mastered to perfection, for let dance the fans until morning. DJ, Producer & Re-mixer, his first EP "Gleam Of Spirit" broadcasted by Next Dimension Music makes a strong impression outside Atlantic and ranks number one in sales for the label for many weeks. Several EP have follow including Gleam Of Spirit 2, Twenty 6, Sly, Let's Work but also many remixes for artists such as Daniel Kyo Cooccer, Agent Matteo, Onur Ozman, Mastercris, Raxon, Sami Dee, Skyler, Nestora and many others. Many projects are coming soon with Marlon D (Underground Collective / Jellybean / Defected), Robert Owens (Compost/Defected/MN2S/Papa), Christos Kessides (Plastic City) but also Andrew Chibale (Salted Music), and should see the day very soon. Find Yohan Esprada every Saturdays at 22h and 19h on Wednesday on P1 Deeper webradio Paris-one (www.paris-one.com) , but also every Friday evening at 2am (GMT+0) on SSRadio Uk ( www.ssradiouk.com) for the show Progression Session.

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