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Gino Olivieri & Ivan Pavlin

Gino Olivieri & Ivan Pavlin

Также известно как: G. Olivieri & I. Pavlin, G. Olivieri - I. Pavlin, G. Olivieri, I. Pavlin, G.Olivieri, I.Pavlin, Gino & Ivan, Gino Olivieri and Ivan Pavlin, Gino Olivieri, Ivan Pavlin, Gino Oliviero & Ivan Pavlin, Gino Olivierri & Ivan Pavlin, Gino Yello-Man Olivieri, Ivan Ice Man Pavlin, Ivan Paulin & Gino Olivieri, Ivan Pavlin & Gino Olivieri, Ivan Pavlin And Gino Olivieri
Члены группы Gino Olivieri & Ivan Pavlin: Gino Olivieri, Ivan Pavlin

Дискография Gino Olivieri & Ivan Pavlin:

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The collaboration between Olivieri and Pavlin led to Euro Dance productions in the 1990's. Together, they became one of Canada's most popular DJ Mix duo of the time (with the Canadian 'DJ Club Mix' serie and the '100%-500% Dance Hits' serie).

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