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Strobe (13)

Члены группы Strobe (13): Loz G, Mitch G
Группа в интернете: http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=4686, http://www.psychedelic-music.net/pmdb/db3/db_band.php4?id=127

Дискография Strobe (13):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Maya 8 audio iTunes 1993 Big Cat
2 The Circle Never Ends 7 audio iTunes 1994 Debris Records
3 See Beyond The Sun 7 audio iTunes 1991 Mystic Stones
4 Maya 8 audio iTunes 1992 Fuofo
5 Alienation 9 audio iTunes 1997 Fuofo
6 The Circle Never Ends 6 audio iTunes Debris Records
7 Maya 7 audio iTunes 1992 Fuofo
8 The Shining Path 12 audio iTunes 2001 Fuofo
9 Fallen Angel 3 audio iTunes 2000 Fuofo
10 Millennium 4 audio iTunes 1998
11 Adoration 3 audio iTunes 1999 Fuofo

British Psychedelic/Space Rock group STROBE formed 1990 in Hertfordshire/UK and can be counted as one the best British space rock outfits ever. Three guitarists are caring for a lush sound based on hypnotic flowing rhythms where keyboards/synths are taking a backseat. The band recorded five official albums plus three EPs in total. As obligatory for some genre bands the members are credited with aliases respectively forenames only. Their highest quality manifested around the mid 1990s with the albums 'Maya' (1992) and 'The Circle Never Ends' (1994). Both efforts are highly recommend and were recorded by Mitch (guitar, vocals), Loz (guitar), John (guitar, keyboard), Ben (bass) and Rupert (drums). STROBE broke up and played their last live gig back in 2001. The former band members are still in touch with each other and both Rupert and John play live music with other groups.

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