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Giancarlo Aru

Также известно как: Charles Aru, G. Aru, Jean Aru

Дискография Giancarlo Aru:

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Italian drummer, born in 1959, starts playing at 4 years old. At 8 is already in the [i]The Teens[/i] band. In 1968 plays in front of [a=Max Roach], in the same year wins Ludwig Drums Co., Chicago contest and performs at the [i]Piper Club[/i] in Rome using [i]Bobby Christian[/i] as stage name. In 1979 performs with jazz artist such as [a=B.B. King], [a=Al Jarreau], [a=Chet Baker], [a=Massimo Urbani], [a=Enrico Pierannunzi],[a=Oscar Valdambrini]. In 1980 plays in [a=Bob Marley] concerts at San Siro Stadium, Milan & at Turin Stadium with [a=Roberto Ciotti] Band. 1992 moved in Hawaii with artists such [a=Brian Auger] & [a=Louis Bellson]. Travels for years in Europe presenting his innovative drum method [i]The one and only[/i].

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