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Larry Dixon

Larry Anthony Dixon

Также известно как: L. Dixon
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/larrydixon

Дискография Larry Dixon:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 I'am So In Love 8 audio iTunes 1980 Vanity (3)
2 Can't Price Love 8 audio iTunes 1985 Lad Productions (2)
3 Dance To The Beat 2 audio iTunes 1984 Lad Productions (2)
4 The Only One / Don't It Make You Dance 2 audio iTunes 1982 Lad Productions (2)
5 Star Time / You're On Your Own 2 audio iTunes 1979 Lad Productions (2)

Larry Dixon's musical world started at the age of 15 with an audition by [a=Leonard & Phil Chess] at the old [l=Chess] recording company on Chicago's south side of Illinois. By winning a radio contest with his friend James Hilliard from Chicago IL (at the radio station (W.V.O.N - 1450) am radio in 1968) they had received a verbal musical contract for 2 years with his group, The Explanations, managed by Chicago's own [a=Jerry O] and his cousin [a=Willie Moore], both out of the West side of Chicago IL. Jerry 'O who had a local hit recording at the time called "Karate Boogaloo", went on to start his recording label (Boogaloo Records) based on Chicago's West side. As the years rolled on for Larry, he went on to record with a new group called The Soulful Spades, of the Chicago IL area. One special member included Larry's older brother Malvin Dixon Jr who also was ex-member of Larry's first group, The Explanations. The Soulful Spades also included The Walton Brothers, the late Gary Walton and his brother Michael Walton, all from the south side of Chicago IL. Their first and only recording with Larry was "Next Time", written by Larry Dixon and Michael Walton in 1970, and featuring Larry as front man for the group, who had replaced the late R&B Soul singer, John Knight. By the mid 70's Larry joined the armed forces and he was out by mid 1979. On his own now and no longer with any group, he had joined forces with Charles Parks the 3rd and his group The High Society Players, from the south suburban area of Chicago IL. Then Larry composed and recorded his first single as solo artist ("Star Time"), backed by his studio band. All this was done on Larry's newly formed label [l=LAD] Productions Inc. He then went on to record with his cousin [a=Charles Hosch] Jr, who's stage name is "Chuck-A-Luck" and who had worked for [a=Earth Wind & Fire]'s Productions as bass player and for [a=Emotions, The] as stage and back up studio musician. "Chuck-A-Luck" worked with Larry on his new label LAD Productions Inc and helped working on Larry's album, "Can't Price Love", along with musician, songwriter and singer Charles Parks the 3rd. Larry kept in touch with long time friend James Hilliard as well as Larry's brother's Malvin Dixon, Kenneth and Lamonte Dixon, all of whom had been in the group at one time or another while switching members around to complete the group. Along with James Hilliard it included members Thomas Moore, Anthony (as Ricky D) and Larry Higgins as lead singer for the group. Larry Higgins was the last member added to the group by 1968, before Larry Dixon went on to record with the Soulful Spades in 1970. Larry Dixon has now moved up and has continued to record in different genres and styles such as R&B/SouL, Jazz/POP and POP/Gospel as well, which are recorded on his latest project including a 3-style set of CD's.

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