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Theodore Bishop

Theodore James Bishop

Также известно как: Bishop, Ted Bishop, Theo Bishop
Группа в интернете: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Theo-Bishop-Music/106161066078852, Array, http://theobishop.com/

Дискография Theodore Bishop:

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Theo Bishop keyboardist/composer Theo was born in Portland Oregon, the third of five boys that each pursued musical careers. Younger brother to [a1899955] and [a259354], he grew up in Boise Idaho playing in rock bands before earning a degree in classical piano from Boise State University. Early in his career, Theo toured with the popular rock artist and fellow Idaho import Gary Puckett from Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.He also played with Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits fame and Terry Gregory a CBS Country Artist. In the 1980s he signed a record deal on Pasha Epic as a member of the rock band Isle of Mann. Later that decade Bishop formed Native Language, a new wave Bowie-esque rock venture that played well into the '90s, culminating in a deal with Carmen Productions and Joe Godfried at Sound City Studios. In 1996, Bishop together with Joe Sherbanee co-founded the namesake Native Language recording label. The past two decades have seen a metamorphosis from Rock to Jazz for Theo Bishop.He has written & produced some of Smooth Jazz’s top songs and performed with some of its brightest stars. Theo’s “Newport Nights” and “One Man’s Dream” CDs have aired throughout the world and his music continues to receive playtime on various media around the world. In 2003 Theo co-wrote the #1 smooth jazz hit “Hyde Park (The Ah Oooh Song)” and has produced and written music for artists such as Solomon Burke, Gary Puckett, and the Russian rock band, Autograph. He has also produced and written for several local artists including his brother Bart's solo album Bartholomew. In recent years Theo has been scoring films including: “The Board Game” a film by Jon Larsen, The Water’s Edge also by Larsen and most recently “Todd’s Locks” an independent short film by Filmic Storyworks Inc. His Television credits include Network Broadcasts of his music on shows such as ABC’s “Into The Night”. Current television projects include: Crime 360, Known Universe, Fight Science, and American Cowboy.

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