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Steve Grant (5)

Также известно как: Grant, S. Grant, S.Grant
Группа в интернете: http://thesweet.com/band/steve/

Дискография Steve Grant (5):

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Born 19th March 1958 in Londonʼs East End, Steve began his career playing guitar and keyboards in a dance band moving on through various rock bands touring the pubs and clubs of Britain culminating in the band [A=Top Secret (15)] with his brother [A=Pete Grant (2)] on bass. The band were taken under the wing of the legendary [A=Chas Chandler] of Jimi Hendrix and Animals fame. Steve spent the eighties touring the world with various artists and also as a record producer / song writer for the likes of [A=Alan Price], [A=Alvin Lee] and [A=Eric Burdon] of [A=Animals, The]. Steveʼs biggest career thrill was recording a Beatles song with one of his idols [A=George Harrison]. It was through a mutual friend and music publisher that Steve and [A=Andy Scott (2)] were put in touch and Steve joined [A=Sweet, The] in 1996. Other notable mentions include: [A=Desmond Dekker], [A=David Essex], [A=John Farnham], [A=Maggie Bell], [A=Jon Lord], [A=Clarence Clemons], The Woolpackers, [A=Sam Brown].

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