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Bernd Keul

Также известно как: Bernd Keul (Alias Claus Thaler)

Дискография Bernd Keul:

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Musician and composer based in Köln, Germany, brother of [a=Matthias Keul]. Started in bands at the age of 15 (Bass, Keyboards, Percussion), on tour and producing with Acapulco Gold, Conditors, Ringswandl, Anne Haigis, Zeltinger, the 'Schäl Sick Brass Band', Stoppok, and 'The Piano has been drinking'. Composed and performed theater music in Köln, Dortmund, Bochum, Bonn, Ulm und Koblenz, composed for NDR und WDR radioplays and participated in various World Music projects.

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