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David Smith (13)

David John Smith

Также известно как: Dave Smith, Smith
Группа в интернете: http://www.geocities.com/fabgear6366/johndavid.htm, http://www.davidjohnandthemood.com/

Дискография David Smith (13):

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1960's -70's singer born in Preston, Lancashire, England, sometimes known as David John. Originating from Preston, Lancashire, David John & The Mood were a R'n'B outfit which formed in the closing months of 1963. David John had seen Bo Diddley in live performance that year, he approached a local group, the Falcons, who shared a similar taste and the Mood were born. The debut single, "Pretty Thing", a Bo Diddley song, didn't sell in great quantities but their association with the Rolling Stones (with whom they shared a management company) secured them gigs in some of the leading London venues. They began to build a good reputation and before long were touring the country with the Stones, Manfred Mann and P.J. Proby amongst others. For their second release, they again chose a Bo Diddley number. "Bring It To Jerome" was produced by the legendary Joe Meek at his home studio. Unfortunately, despite Meek's enthusiastic support for the group, the record fared no better than their previous effort. Meek was also at the console for their third and final record. "Diggin' For Gold" also sank without trace and the group decided to call it a day early in 1966. In 1969, David J. Smith co-produced and sang on some tracks for a studio created group called Thundermother. The band produced one shared lp with Lightyears Away called "Astral Navigations". Thundermother's contribution was recorded over one weekend.

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