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Teresa Rabal

María Teresa Rabal Balaguer

Группа в интернете: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teresa_Rabal, http://www.circoteresarabal.com/

Дискография Teresa Rabal:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Veo Veo 2 audio iTunes 1980 Movieplay
2 País De Las Estrellas 2 audio iTunes 1985 Fonomusic
3 Loca Por El Circo 11 audio iTunes 1982 Movieplay
4 De Oca A Oca 12 audio iTunes 1981 Movieplay
5 De Oca A Oca 2 audio iTunes 1981 Movieplay
6 Carta Abierta Al Presidente 2 audio iTunes 1988 Hispamusic
7 El Show De Horacio Pinchadiscos 22 audio iTunes 1981 DB Belter
8 Tu Sabes Porqué Te Quiero 2 audio iTunes 1975 RCA Victor
9 No Quiero Que Te Olvides / Ustedes Los Hombres 2 audio iTunes 1976 Belter
10 Pedro Pescador / En Un Barquito 4 audio iTunes 1987 Fonomusic
11 Family Rock 4 audio iTunes 1989 Hispamusic
12 El Avión De Teresa 4 audio iTunes 1987 Hispamusic
13 Los Ligones / Juntemos Las Manos 4 audio iTunes 1992 Hispamusic

Barcelona , Spain November 5, 1952 Actress , singer and television presenter , married to Luis Eduardo Rodrigo (Lyricist of their songs) Daughter of the great actors Francisco Rabal and Asuncion Balaguer , and aunt of Liberto Rabal , from his early years is surrounded by an artistic environment that allows film debut at nine years with only the hand of Luis Buñuel in Viridiana Film . Debuted on stage with the work of Noel Coward's Private Lives by Theatre Company Carlos Larrañaga and María Luisa Merlo , in successive years , Strato Jet 991, directed by Fernando Fernan Gomez ; Ninette and lord of Murcia, Miguel Mihura , La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas o malcasada of Lope de Vega. In the early seventies initiated a modest film career,and In 1980 he published his first album aimed at children and in the years following his career turns towards smaller discs and 24 full-length releases coming to sell a million and a half copies. That same year he began a tour with The Circus circus Teresa Rabal , with which it is held for more than a decade . For Christmas of 2012 preparing a new show with the circus where he settled in Madrid headed limp across the country to continue to enchant her kids and not so kids with a new show at El Circo de Teresa Rabal .

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