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Группа в интернете: www.myspace.com/trancegatelive, www.idj.cz/theclang, www.idj.cz/trancegate, www.myspace.com/theclangproject, www.soundcloud.com

Дискография Trancegate:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 One Digital Emotion 4 audio iTunes 2007-10-12 Isis Recordings
2 Night Essentials 4 audio iTunes 2009-08-15 Illusion Music

Trancegate Trancegate alias Ales Povr has been composing music since the age of 16. In 1998 he founded music project High State with Zdenek Charvat (today Derek Charet). This project broke up after approximately a year and Ales started a solo career – Trancegate has originated. Trancegate composes and plays tech-house, house and progressive with elements of electro. The Trancegate project has performed in a number of Czech clubs and large parties as well. He's played alongside interprets such as Marco Zaffano, Scan X, Ferry Corsten, Natha Coles, Corvin Dalek, Oliver Klein, Jaydee, Chemical Brothers, Dave Angel, CJ Bolland, Afrika Islam, Westbam and many others. He considers performances at Summer of Love 2001, Hangars 2002 and 2005, Open Air Field 2002, Machac 2009 and Unity 2003 to be his greatest achievements. He was a resident of popular series of mega parties Ibiza night. His songs were released on CD attachment of Bassline magazine and Unity party 2003. In 2007 he released EP One Digital Emotion on a Czech label Isis Recordings which specializes in shared music in mp3 and wav formats. The song “Tma” (darkness) was released on Slovakian CD compilation Adidas Pure and was accompanied with a video clip that is aired regularly on TV “Ocko”. 2009 saw release of another EP called Night Essentials. At present, he also collaborates with DJ and producer Clara Bailar. Together have LIVE project - THE CLANG

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