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Nightbirds (2)

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Дискография Nightbirds (2):

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"Nightbirds" is a french duo founded in 1985 by twin brothers who are interested in new electronic music. At the very beginning, the original idea was to release an album late in 1985 with the few instruments they had. So Came their first self-produced album "Géode". After some years, "Nightbirds" presented their project live in 1993, at the "Electronic Waves" festival in Paris (France). After this performance, the band studied electronic music instruments and mastering techniques. The music of "Nightbirds" is like a picture of sounds full of ambiances, minimalism and electroacoustic events. The band could be identified by the creation of long pieces like a gallery where artists could meet each other. Their music in now known through self-produced releases and through some contributions like the "Dreamwatchers' Tales" series. Now, "Nightbirds" go on their way creating electronic landscapes...

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