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Keita Fodeba

Keita Fodeba

Также известно как: Des Ballets Africains De Keita Fodeba, Keita Fodéba, Keitha Fodeba
Группа в интернете: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fod%C3%A9ba_Ke%C3%AFta, http://www.lesballetsafricains.com/founder.html, http://www.webguinee.net/bibliotheque/literature/keita_fodeba/aube/postface.html

Дискография Keita Fodeba:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Chants Et Danses D'Afrique (Casamance - Guinée) 6 audio iTunes Le Chant Du Monde
2 Chants Et Danses D'Afrique 10 audio iTunes Le Chant Du Monde
3 Les Ballets Africains De Vol. 1 12 audio iTunes 1969 Vogue
4 Les Ballets Africains De Keita Fodéba 12 audio iTunes Vogue
5 Mélodie Tam-Tam 4 audio iTunes 1969 Vogue Productions

Keita Fodeba was born on January 19, 1921 in Siguiri (Republic of Guinea) and died 1969. After completing his primary education in Conakry , the capital of Guinea, he attended William Ponti institute in Dakar (Senegal). In 1944, he graduated with a teaching degree from Dakar. After teaching high school students a couple of years in Senegal, he moved to Paris and became an avid researcher of theater and dance. Eventually, in 1949, he founded “The African Theatre of Keita Fodeba”. The first Les Ballet Africains performance was staged at the Theatre Etoile de Paris on November of 1952. It was an instant success. After touring inFrance for a couple of years, Fodeba brought his company to Africa in 1955 and produced an extensive tour among French colonies of West Africa. During that trip, he was selected to be Minister of Interior of the Republic of Guinea by Guinea´s former President Ahmed Sekou Toure. Fodeba later was invited to be the head of Defense and Security of Guinea, during the country’s war to gain independence. After changing several positions within the government, he got arrested for political reasons on March 21, 1965 and was killed in prison. Keita Fodeba pioneered a dance company, that connected African culture to the rest of the world and introduced its legacy with style and elegance.

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