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Flying Norwegians

Flying Norwegians

Также известно как: Flying Norwegians, The, Flyvende Nordmenn
Члены группы Flying Norwegians: Cato Sanden, Gunnar Bergstrøm, Jarle Zimmermann, Johannes Torkelsen, Rune Walle

Дискография Flying Norwegians:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Crazy Eyes Go Blind 3 audio iTunes 1994 Fjording
2 Originals: New Day / Wounded Bird 23 audio iTunes 1994 Fjording
3 New Day 11 audio iTunes 1974 Sonet
4 Still Riding 12 audio iTunes 1996 Norske Gram
5 Wounded Bird 10 audio iTunes 1976 Sonet
6 Lonesome Cowboy 3 audio iTunes 1995 Fjording
7 Live 14 audio iTunes 1977 Sonet
8 Point Of Departure 12 audio iTunes 1978 Sonet
9 Young Man / It Ain't Just Another Blow 2 audio iTunes 1974 Sonet
10 Point Of Departure / No Love Have I 4 audio iTunes 1978 Sonet
11 Du Står IVeien 11 audio iTunes 1981 Sonet
12 This Time Around 13 audio iTunes 1979 Sonet

Formed in Bergen in January 1974 by Rune Walle and Zimmermann. Torkelsen, Sanden and Bergstrøm joined soon after. Walle left in 1976, soon after their landmark album "Wounded Bird", to join the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. The band disbanded in 1981 after four albums, but reunited in 1995 for a new, fifth album. The band was in the middle of another reunion tour in 2005 when Sanden died, aged 51, and the band broke up for good.

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