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Gheorghe Constantin Cristinel

Gheorghe Constantin Cristinel

Также известно как: Cristinel Constantin Gheorghe, Cristinel Constantin Gheorghehe, G. C. Cristinel

Дискография Gheorghe Constantin Cristinel:

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Romanian MC, DJ, writter, producer, born in Timişoara. He started in 1994 as a beginner DJ in clubs around Timişoara city. 1998-1999 resident DJ in Eforie Nord (in summers). In the summer of 2000, Geo Da Silva reach Disco Ring Costineşti. 2004-2007 is resident at Discoteca Tineretului Costineşti (in summers) Since 2004 he decides to do his own brand of show, Funky DJ's with [a1702377], then with [a1737792].

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