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Dominik Gawara

Dominik Gawara

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/pentliczek, http://dominikgawara.blogspot.com/, http://www.reverbnation.com/DominikGawara

Дискография Dominik Gawara:

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Musician,IMPROVISER,ELECTRONIC/ACOUSMATIC composer, BASSIST and percussionist. He's a Polish artist tranferred in Italy from the age of six years. He founded in 1991 with David Saggiorato the Kor-at, group of industrial music experiences in which he plays percussions. The band does some concerts and does soundtrack of the remake of the film of David Lynch “Eraserhead”, realized by a Turin independent film maker. Unfortunately recordings of that period do not exist. In 1992 he left Kor-at and he recorded the first solo job with the name of Glockenspiel, published like demotape. In 1993 he founded BIANCA BELMONT with Alberto Pasino. The band, been born like duo, increases to five elements in 1995, with Renzo Razzano on second bass, Marcello Turco on trumpet and Max to the saxophone. They recorded two demotapes, respectively in 1993 and 1995, both remastereded in the end of 1995,and edited dy Setola di Maiale. Between 1997 and 1998 he recorded and published the first “homely deliriums” with the name of PENTLICZEK, using ethnic percussions,self builded instruments, guitars and tapes. he participated with this project in some compilations of the sicilian label Snowdonia: “Orchestre Meccaniche Italiane” (1997), “Sbim Sbam” (1998), “International Gluttons” (1999). In 1998 he began a collaboration stably with Stefano Giust and his SETOLA DI MAIALE label, he defines Stefano: the “better companion to sonic deviating lines” and with him he founded the "anti-jazz" project called GBUR. In the recording of the first job of Gbur, beside the two members of Bianca Belmont (Renzo and Marcello), joins Paul Caleo. In 1999 the original line up always changes and in place of Renzo and Marcello there was three new elements: Ivan Pilat to tenor and baritone saxes,Daniel “el desviado reverendo surrealista” Pagliero,also knows like LO DEV ALM to the electronics and Maurizio Suppo aka Dimensionidol.Paul Caleo who originally played the guitar now handle one instrument self builded, named “Caleophone”. With this line up they plays in 1999 at 48th BIENNALE-esposizione internazionale d'arte in Venice and the next year at OFFEST festival -meeting of Italian independent labels in Milan. In a night of December of 2000 it records with Stefano Giust and Daniele Pagliero a series of unexpected improvised traces that will come later on published with the name of BABELIS PROJECT, always on Setoladimaiale and in coproduction with the Mexican label GENITAL PROD.

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