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Intense Sanity

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/intensesanity

Дискография Intense Sanity:

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After a time of research and instrument studies Marios S. (Intense Sanity) began his journey to electronic music production in 2001. Through composition he found a way to express his feelings and emotions with a vision to create music that had something to say. The result was deep atmospheric progressive trance mixed with melodic elements. In 2003 he met Nick (infinity) and one year later they created together the project "Progenitor". The result was recognition and releases in various well known labels. Even thought Progenitor project is still running with quite a success Marios hasnt stoped producing as Intense Sanity. The knowledge supplies he kept, grew up more after studies in audio enginnering and helped him to get deeper into music production philosophie.

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