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Gianni Naso

Giancarlo D'Ovidio

Дискография Gianni Naso:

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Italian pioneer disc-jockey (born Rome, 27 July 1945). Dj-comedian began his career with the opening of the discotheques. Significant and fruitful his first experience at [i]Piper 2000[/i] in Viareggio in 1968, where was in close contact with the biggest rock bands of the period. In the early '70s is the founder with [a=Renzo Arbore], [a=Carlo Massarini], [a=Raffaele Cascone], [a=Claudio Casalini]..., of [i]GDP (Gruppo Disc-Jockey Professionisti)[/i] and subsequently in 1974 founder of [i]AID (Italian Association Disc-Jockey)[/i]. From 1979 to 1984 is art director at [i]Festival di Sanremo[/i], introducing during those years several changes as [i]The Critics' Prize[/i], an award to recognize the best song competing in the festival.

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