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Daniela Friebe

Daniela Friebe

Также известно как: Kara Sun
Группа в интернете: http://www.karasun.net/, http://www.myspace.com/djkarasun, http://twitter.com/djkarasun, http://www.youtube.com/karasun, http://www.youtube.com/djkarasun, http://www.europeanplanetevents.com/Kara_Sun.html

Дискография Daniela Friebe:

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German Trance & Hard Trance DJane & producer based in Venlo, the Netherlands. Born in Germany, Daniela graduated as a sports and gymnastic teacher and moved to the Netherlands. At the age of 21, she started working as a professional dancer and promoter in different clubs and events throughout Europe. In 2001, she bought her first DJ equipment & records and subsequently started mixing. In 2006, she started spinning around the world. Contact: djkarasun@hotmail.com Born: July 7, 1977

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