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Sarah Allen (3)

Sarah Allen

Дискография Sarah Allen (3):

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Sarah Allen is an American drummer based in Chicago, Illinois. Sarah Allen has drummed her way through a vast range of musical situations for almost thirty years, performing and recording throughout the U.S. and in Europe and Asia, with jazz, pop, folk, theatrical, klezmer, country, and classical ensembles, sometimes all in the space of one week. She has performed and/or recorded with: [a=Aretha Franklin], [a=Blue Man Group], [a=Fred Simon (3)], Modern Klezmer Quartet, Bobbi Wilsyn, [a=Bobby Conn], [a=Patrick Noland], Jim True-Frost, [a=Sara Wollan], Susan Salidor, the Ken & Jim Show, Doug Lofstrom and The New Quartet, and Steppenwolf Studio Theater. Sarah danced and drummed as a member of Jellyeye Drum Theater, and was tympanist in the Northbrook Symphony Orchestra; her percussion work can also be heard on the recording of the world premier of Ouroboros by [a=Kay Gardner].

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