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Greg Guidry

Gregory Mark Guidry

Также известно как: G. Guidry, G. M. Guidry, Gregory Guidry, Guidry
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Guidry

Дискография Greg Guidry:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Goin' Down 2 audio iTunes 1982 Columbia
2 Over The Line 10 audio iTunes 2002-09-19 Sony Records Int'l
3 Over The Line 10 audio iTunes 1982 Columbia
4 Over The Line 10 audio iTunes Columbia
5 Over The Line 10 audio iTunes 1987 Airplay Recordings
6 Into My Love 4 audio iTunes 1982 Columbia
7 Over The Line 10 audio iTunes 1991-10-25 Sony Records

Rock - pop - soul - rhythm 'n' blues singer - songwriter Born on 23.01.1954 in St. Louis, Missouri Died on 28.07.2003 in Fairview, Tennessee, of -possible-suicide He played piano and sang gospel as a child. Sang in a band with future [a=Doobie Brothers, The], [a=Michael McDonald] as a teenager. He signed a publishing contract with [l=CBS Records] in 1977 and wrote songs for [a=Climax Blues Band], [a=Robbie Dupree], [a=Exile (7)], [a=Johnnie Taylor], [a=Sawyer Brown], and [a=Reba McEntire]. In 1981 he sang as a backing vocalist for the [a=Allman Brothers Band, The] on their 1981 album "Brothers of the Road". He signed with [l=Columbia] in 1982 and released an album, "Over the Line", which produced two hit singles, "Goin' Down" (US #17, US AC #11) and a duet with his sister Sandy, "Into My Love" (US #92).[1] While he continued to do songwriting work later in the 1980s, he did not issue a follow-up album until 2000, when "Soul'd Out" and "Private Session" were released, and his debut album was re-released. He died in a fire at age 49. His charred body was found in a car parked in his garage in Fairview, Tennessee. His death was ruled a suicide.

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