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Black Flame

Члены группы Black Flame: m:A Fog, Tiorad
Группа в интернете: http://www.black-flame.net/, http://www.facebook.com/officialblackflame, http://www.myspace.com/obf

Дискография Black Flame:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Welcome 3 audio iTunes 2001-02-25 Not On Label
2 Conquering Purity - (Litaniae Ex Damnatorum Regno )- 8 audio iTunes 2006 Worship Him Records
3 Torment And Glory 9 audio iTunes 2004 Bylec-Tum Zine
4 From Ashes I'll Reborn 2 audio iTunes 2002 Sombre Records
5 Imperivm 8 audio iTunes 2008-06-23 Forces Of Satan Records
6 Conquering Purity 8 audio iTunes 2006-01-30
7 Torment And Glory 8 audio iTunes 2004-09-00 Shades Of Death
8 Torment And Glory 9 audio iTunes 2004 Eerie Art Records

Black Flame was formed by Cardinale Italo Martire, Serpentrax and m:A Fog in 1998 and the lineup has remained the same ever since. They started playing black metal in a fashion generally perceived as "cold and raw" by the black metal scene, strongly influenced by the occult both musically and lyrically. They released their first two demos in 2001 and 2002, followed by several live performances. A 7" EP was released in 2002, and their first full-length album, The Third Revelation, came out in 2003. This album included a cover version of the Mortuary Drape song "Abbot", with Mortuary Drape's original vocalist, Wildness Perversion on vocals, a clear statement of a band deeply rooted in the old school of extreme metal. Their second full-length album, Torment and Glory, was released by Eerie Art Records in 2004. After doing some more live work, the band again returned to the studio and released their third full-length album, Conquering Purity, in May 2006, an album which was very well received. Reviews applauded in particular what was seen as the incredible intensity of the work and its genuine roots in the late 1980s' sound. The album featured Peter Kubik, guitarist from the Austrian band Abigor, as songwriter. In 2006, Black Flame became the first band to sign on Forces of Satan Records, the Norwegian record label run by Gorgoroth guitarist and founder Infernus. Through the years the drummer m:A Fog has joined several other bands, establishing himself as a requested drummer: Glorior Belli (France), Slavia (Norway), Disiplin (Norway), Janvs (Italy), and Dead to This World (Norway). This, however, has not halted the progress of Black Flame, who entered the One Voice Studios in November 2007 to record the new album Imperivm. The band's fourth full-length album, this was released in June 2008 through Forces of Satan Records and Regain Records. Imperivm was named "Album of the Month" in the June 2008 issue of Rock Hard Italy], and also received positive reviews in other notable metal magazines such as the German Rock Hard and Metal Hammer Italy . In February 2011, Black Flame announced that their next album will be entitled Septem and will be released in 2011 through Italian cult label Behemoth Productions/Masterpiece Distribution. It was also announced that the artwork for the album will be created by Niklas Sundin, guitarist of Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. Black Flame endorses Gibson guitars and basses and Trick Drums.

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