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Muhamad Al-Qasabji

محمد القصبجي

Также известно как: M. Kassabgi, M. Kassabji, Mohamed Assabgi, Mohamed El Asabgui, Mohamed El Assabgui, Mohamed El Assabji, Mohamed El Kasabgi, Mohamed El Kasabgy, Mohamed El Kassabguy, Mohamed El Qassabji, Mohamed Elkassabgi, Mohamed Kasabji, Mohamed Kassabgi, Mohamed Kassabji, Mohamed Qassabji, Mohammed El Quasabgi, Mohammed Kassabgi, Mohmed El Kassabguy, Muhamad Al Qasabji, Muhamad Al-Ashgi, محمد القصبجي

Дискография Muhamad Al-Qasabji:

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Born in 1892, he was an oud player and composer from Egypt. He is considered one of the five egyptian leading composers in the 20th century. He was one of the most favorite composer of [a=Oum Kalthoum]. In 1941, he composed for her the masterpiece 'Raa' El Habeeb'. He died in march 1966. Until today, most critics classify Mohamed El Qasabji as the master of the oud due to his great abilities and skills which he had during his time.

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