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Trip, The (19)

Также известно как: Trip
Члены группы Trip, The (19): Billy Gray (2), Cucciolo, Furio Chirico, Ian Broad, Joe Vescovi, Pino Sinnone, Ritchie Blackmore, Wegg Andersen
Группа в интернете: http://www.thetripofficial.com/

Дискография Trip, The (19):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Time Of Change 5 audio iTunes 1973 Trident (2)
2 Atlantide 8 audio iTunes 2004-06-23
3 Atlantide 8 audio iTunes 1972-05-00 RCA Italiana
4 Time Of Change 5 audio iTunes 1989
5 Fantasia / Travellin' Soul 2 audio iTunes 1970 RCA Italiana
6 Caronte 5 audio iTunes 2008 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
7 Time Of Change 5 audio iTunes 2011-04-25 Belle Antique
8 Caronte 5 audio iTunes 1971 RCA Italiana
9 Atlantide 18 audio iTunes 1972-05-00
10 Time Of Change 5 audio iTunes 1994-11-23 Nexus (3)
11 Atlantide 8 audio iTunes 1989 RCA
12 Atlantide 8 audio iTunes 1987
13 Caronte 5 audio iTunes 1987
14 Caronte 5 audio iTunes 2003
15 Atlantide 8 audio iTunes 2008
16 Time Of Change 5 audio iTunes 2000 Collector's Digitally Recordings
17 Atlantide 8 audio iTunes 1990 RCA Italiana
18 Time Of Change 5 audio iTunes 2001 Vinyl Magic
19 Atlantide 8 audio iTunes 2003
20 Fantasia / Travellin' Soul 2 audio iTunes 1970-11-00 RCA Italiana
21 The Trip 5 audio iTunes 1970-05-00 RCA Italiana
22 Caronte 5 audio iTunes 2010 Dogtoire
23 Atlantide 18 audio iTunes 2013 Sony Music
24 Intervista 10 audio iTunes 1972-05-00 RCA Italiana
25 Caronte 5 audio iTunes 1990 RCA Italiana
26 Believe in Yourself / Little Janie 4 audio iTunes 1971 Rca
27 Una Pietra Colorata / Incubi 4 audio iTunes 1970 Rca Italiana
28 Atlantide 17 audio iTunes 2014
29 The Trip 5 audio iTunes 2008
30 Prog Exhibition 2010 (Live In Rome) 7 audio iTunes 2014-04-23

One of many English bands coming to Italy in search of success during the beat-era, The Trip included a young [a=Ritchie Blackmore] in their first line-up, along with founder members Andersen and Gray and drummer [a=Ian Broad], but a line-up change brought two italians in, keyboards player [a=Joe Vescovi] from Savona (later the leading figure in the band) and drummer [a=Pino Sinnone] from Turin. With a stable line-up the band had a good recording deal with [a=RCA] and released their first album in 1970, and a single taken from it. The Trip (sometimes referred to as Musica Impressionistica, from a title on back cover) can't be yet considered a prog album, rather a rock-blues LP, with five long pieces led by guitar and organ. The long opening cut [i]Prologo[/i], is a good introduction to the band's sound that since their early days has always mixed English and Italian-sung tracks in their production. Also in 1970 the band members acted in the film [i]Terzo Canale - Avventura a Montecarlo[/i], a nonsense comedy based on the story of a band trying to get to Montecarlo from Italy and playing the [i]Rome Caracalla Pop Festival[/i] in the end. With [i]Caronte[/i], in 1971, the Trip's sound became much more original, with more space to Joe Vescovi's keyboards. Since the first notes of Caronte I, the opening track, it's clear that a classical influence has enriched the band's sound. The long [i]Two Brothers[/i] is another highlight of a very important album. After the second album two members quit the band, with [a=Billy Gray (2)] releasing a solo album, and the band kept on as a trio with new drummer, the young [a=Furio Chirico] from Turin, coming from some important rock experiences with 60's groups [a=I Ragazzi del Sole] and Martò E I Judas. [i]Atlantide[/i], housed in an ambitious gimmix cover, obviously sees the leading role of Joe Vescovi's keyboards, with the sound veering toward an ELP-like style. The band was now very popular in Italy, and the album's first copies contain a promotional single with a long interview and excerpts from the LP. The same line-up released the fourth and last album, this time with the short-lived [l=Trident] label. Time of change contains yet another step in the band's sound evolution, still keyboard-based but with stronger classical and jazzy influences. After Time of change drummer Chirico left to form [a=Arti & Mestieri], the others tried to revive the band with the help of [a=Osage Tribe]'s drummer [a=Nunzio Favia], but the band split after some months. Joe Vescovi briefly joined [a=Acqua Fragile] at the end of 1974 and later both he and Favia joined [a=Dik Dik].

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