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Dla Dalastborn

Dlambulo Mancunga

Также известно как: Dla
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/fullstopthelastborn

Дискография Dla Dalastborn:

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South African Hip-hop MC and one third of the crew [a=Driemanskap], born and raised in Cape Town, in the streets of Gugulethu by the 7th Native Yard (NY7) of One Hundred and Fifty something, in the 1st section of 5. Dla grew up in a noisy environment from gunshots to beautiful sounds of golden musician's voices. He is from the vicinity notoriously labelled as Kak-Yard (KYD) that gave birth to musical crews such as [a=Chronic Clan], [a=Ghetto Muffin], UNIC, [a=Driemanskap] and [a=Archetypes], as well as solo artists such as [a=Black Dillinger] and [a=Korianda]. Together with Driemanskap, he has toured all over the country, performing in a musical genre labelled as "[b]Spaza[/b]" (Hip Hop in mother tongue) and his being Xhosa.

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