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Fancy Frogs

Члены группы Fancy Frogs: Branislav Jokić, Danijel Klepić, Đorđe Anđelevski
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/fancyfrogs

Дискография Fancy Frogs:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Son Of Earth 7 audio iTunes 2008 Dark Revolution Records

Fancy Frogs is dark gothic/rock band from Serbia. The Band was formed by guitarist player Daniel Klepić and vocalist Branislav Jokić in 1992., under the name Punk It Up, strongly influenced by alternative rock, noise, post punk bands like “Sonic Youth”, “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds”… This period indefinite, being marked with permanent recognizing of oneself. Meanwhile, the band changed the members, had a lot of gigs in Serbia, recorded 3 demo songs and worked on it’s own musical identity. In 1997. there was a student interruption of work and the end of group Punk it Up. This period represented a crossroad in their future career. The same year, after serious talks, band reunited again under the name Fancy Frogs keeping on in post-punk phase, slowly crystallizing its music, tended to show its emotions in harmony, with moments of fear, hope, love and growing up and their musical influence started to move more to dark-rock and gothic bands like “Joy Division”, “The Mission”, “The Sisters of Mercy” and of course “Bauhaus”. Fancy Frogs continued to work on their music, visual identity, lyrics and they became very interesting for music fans. In the year of 1999., they recorded 4 songs for the compilation CD named “Parolla” (track list: Still Breathing in Me, Leather Girl, Start to Dance, In One World), where the sound crystallized. Immediately after this, another compilation appears - “Kuhinja”. Fancy Frogs worked very hard for the debut album, which appeared in 2003. under the name of “Tones of Love and Hope”. It was recorded in Pančevo at “A studio” in 2002. and was released for “Active Time Records”. Promoters and concert organizers become very interested in Fancy Frogs, who played many gigs and gothic festivals in Belgrade. From this album, the band filmed a music video for the song “Ordinary Room”, played on TV station, which attracted many music fans. Many other songs from the debut album were used for another compilation CD’s (“Crna Tačka”). After few years, after a lot of concerts in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and new material for second album, the drummer, Đorđe Anđelevski left the band. In February 2006., Relja Ilić took his place, who played already in bands like Nešto Najgore, O-pozition, The Mist, Mute. After one year of practicing, they decided to finish their work and finally record the second album. In 2007. they made contact with producer Dadi Stojanović who is owner of “Kazablanka Stuido” and start to recorded a brand new songs. In meanwhile, band played at few festivals and had traditional gigs in their born town of Pančevo. At “Samhain Festival”, they met Nikola Pavličević and Nenad Stojanović who are owners of “Dark Revolution”, the future publisher of Fancy Frogs. Their song “Blacksmith”, before the second album, was at compilation “Forgotten Art”. In November 18th, 2008., the bend released “Son of Earth” with strong dark attitude in music, lyric, stage appearance. They made another music video for the “Fields in Fog” song and played at “Exit Festival”, “Samhain 2008” and many other gigs. In September, 2009., Fancy Frogs found new member. On the second guitar is V, guitarist and vocalist from Nešto Najgore, Dead Shell of the Universe, Kolonjska Voda etc.

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