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Jon Goodwillie

Также известно как: John Goodwillie, Jonny Goodwillie

Дискография Jon Goodwillie:

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Jonny Goodwillie (aka Jonny Reggae) has been involved in nearly all aspects of the music business over the past 24 years - from organising free parties in the early 90's, to running sound systems, promoting club nights across all genres and live performance (including Roots Garden, the UK's longest running reggae night), booking artists for Beachdown Festival 2008, presenting a new music show on Brighton's Juice FM radio, DJ'd across Europe and from 1995 - 2010 running his company Catskills Records & Music Publishing. Catskills has been running for over 15 years, and has released acclaimed albums by artists such as Husky Rescue, Pepe Deluxé and Black Grass to name a few. Catskills artists have toured the world, played many of the top festivals and sound tracked adverts for brands such as Levis Twisted, iPod and Ray Ban. In 2008 relishing new challenges he set up The Hook Up, a music consultancy that offer an 'a la carte' range of services, tailored to musicians and their budget. The Hook Up has an in-house PR department and can also offer label management services and advice right across the spectrum of the music business. The Hook Up also has an artist management side to the business and currently manages the careers of Martin Rossiter (Gene) and Alex Banks (Monkeytown Records). As a side project in 2009 Jonny became involved with a start up company based in Brighton that designed and manufacture Pro Audio loudspeakers. Traction Sound use a new technology to deliver high frequencies and in 2011 launched it's Plasa Innovation Award nominated SDS Range. Jonny now spends half his time working as Business Developement Director for Traction Sound.

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