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Watershed (3)


Члены группы Watershed (3): Frode Efteland, Hans Egil Løe, Martin Risdal, Terje Vinterstø, Tore Meberg
Группа в интернете: http://www.groove.no/html/band/82861385.html

Дискография Watershed (3):

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Watershed was a band started by [A=Hans Egil Løe] in the late 90's. He wrote most of the music and was also the lead vocalist. The band was discontinued in 2000. [A=Hans Egil Løe] and [A=Terje Vinterstø] now play in the Norwegian rock group [A=Skambankt]. [A=Terje Vinterstø] also plays with [A=Kaizers Orchestra]. This was the line-up: [A=Tore Meberg] (1998-1999): [i]synthesizer[/i] [A=Trond Helge Bårdsen] (1999-2000): [i]synthesizer[/i] [A=Hans Egil Løe]: [i]lead vocals and gitar[/i] [A=Frode Efteland]: [i]drums[/i] [A=Martin Risdal]: [i]bass[/i] [A=Terje Vinterstø]: [i]guitar[/i]

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