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Inkredibles, The

Leigh Elliott & Maurice Carpenter

Также известно как: Incredibles, The, Inkredibles, INkredibles, The for Nasty Beatmakers, Nkredibles (Super Dave), So Inkredibles
Члены группы Inkredibles, The: Leigh Elliott, Maurice Carpenter
Группа в интернете: http://www.soinkredible.com

Дискография Inkredibles, The:

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Hip-hop production duo from Richmond, Virginia. Consists of Lee Major (Leigh Elliott) & Moe (Maurice Carpenter). They came together to form the team in 2007. They met each other through an aspiring female artist they both knew. Their work is noticed by the "Its So INKredible" tag in most of their recent music. They are managed by DJ Khaled "We The Best" Management.

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