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Kev Trundley

Kevin Trundley

Также известно как: Trundley

Дискография Kev Trundley:

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Multimedia Artist/Lecturer, Electronic Musician, Experimental Filmmaker currently based in Saltburn-By-The-Sea, Teesside, North East England. Currently recording solo as The Purple Better One. Previously a member of AcidFuck and The Sanity Vampires. Also has collaborated on recordings with and/or produced artwork for Smell & Quim, Expose Your Eyes, Monopolka, The Prestidigitators, Killy Dog Box, Dwolma 19, Howl In The Typewriter, Wat Tyler and more. Throughout the 90s ran 'The Trundley Experience' music mailorder and organised concerts in Middlesbrough for Industrial/Noise acts such as Smell & Quim, Con-Dom, The Grey Wolves, Death Squad, Einleitungszeit, Radiosonde, Killy Dog Box, Dwolma 19 and more, along with the warped psych(iatric)-punk band The Ceramic Hobs, the notorious French Performance Artist Jean Louis Costes, amongst others. Co-wrote and appeared in 'The Dracula Experience' a short film by Costes in 1998 which was shot in the cemetery of the old abbey in Whitby which inspired the original Dracula novel. The film was released on Costes 'Short Films 2 (1998-99)' VHS video collection. Info : http://www.costes.org/cv31.htm More recently has collaborated on filmwork for The A Band.(filmed the 2008 and 2009 Newcastle concerts included in 'ARCHIVE' 1991-2010 DVD set), Smell & Quim (assembled upcoming 'Do It Piggy Style' DVD), Nihilist Assault Group (assembled upcoming 'Live At The Grosvenor' DVD) and The New Blockaders (background visuals for 2012 live performances). Interview (2013) http://www.mickmagic.net/Trundley%20%281%29.htm Contact : trundley@hotmail.com

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