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Jules Alexander

Jules Gary Alexander

Также известно как: Alexander, J. Alexander, Jules, Jules Alexander Of The Association, Jules Gary Alexander

Дискография Jules Alexander:

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Jules Alexander (born September 25th, 1943, Chattanooga, Tennessee), an original member of the group The Association (vocals, lead guitar), used his middle name Gary on the group's first 2 albums. In 1967 Jules Alexander left the group to study meditation in India, returning to the group he had helped found in early 1969. He continued recording & touring with the group until leaving the group in early 1989. In September 2003, when the group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, he joined former members at the induction ceremony in Niles, Ohio. He again rejoined the others for the taping of a PBS 60s rock music special 60's Experience on December 9th, 2004.

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