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It's A Living Thing

Rodrigo Falcao, Damon Morris, Monashee Sun, Alissa Raya, Anju Singh

Члены группы It's A Living Thing: Anju Singh
Группа в интернете: http://radio3.cbc.ca/, http://www.myspace.com/livingthingster

Дискография It's A Living Thing:

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Is a band on a mission. Beginning as a looping psych-rock 2-piece, the bands exhilarating live set captivated music nerds, dance-party-goers & critical viewers alike over their first year of local shows. Spontaneous & driving, armed with Rodrigo Falcao's accomplished samba influenced rock-dance rythyms, threaded with Damon Morris's quasi-electronic sounding yet completely organic melodic elements, the duo strode bravely into unknown territory. The 6-song EP "You don't Have To" is a perfect cross-section of their audacity. Sink or Swim's Disco party sing-along slides gradually into evil stoner-rock psychadelic meltdown, like an inevitable comedown from a stratospheric high. The opening track "Relative Escape" blends minimalist looping with ethereal vocal harmonies, before catapulting into a stomping apocalyptic rock theme. Another track "Doubletime", is a 2.5 minute (completely improv) 70's power-psych jam, utilizing a loop from a different song, played at 2X the speed. The EP captures perfectly the "anything goes, & everything counts" improvisational spirit of the band, simultaneously admitting vulnerability & skyrocketing imperviously into the wilds of outer space! After pushing the potential of live looping near-to the limit, & being in exclusive musical isolation for a year, the boys began slowly taking on outside involvements again. The living process dictated a period of cultivation & outside energy. 5 shows in a row, were performed with unique lineup & material each time! This was highly exhausting, but fruitful. The new sound is deeper, & wider, bringing in chorale, folk, classical, & other influences, yet retains all the bombastic energy of the original Duo. The new members are: Alissa Raya, bringing her skills as a drummer (Organ Trail) to the rythmic bass pulses, has replaced the loops & freed the band from the linear process they required. She is also blessed with an amazing strong voice, that picks you up gently but carries you roughly all the way down to the soul south. Monashee Sun, on violin, (& yamaha portatone!) adding her accomplished fiddle trills along with a highly developed sensitivity to dynamics & detail, not to mention her high-alto range otherworldy harmonies. Anju Singh, on Cello, as the "5th member". She's busy with bands, (I/I, Greyscales, & National Shield) that take her partially away from IALT, But her skills as an improviser, experimenter, & L.earn I.t Y.ourself classical musician makes her the perfect addition to the Living layer cake of sound.

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