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Summer Time

Члены группы Summer Time: Anton Konchakov, Dmitri Mospan, Наталья Скворцова, Пётр Талалай, Pavel Protasov

Дискография Summer Time:

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Summer Time is a project of the famous Russian jazz pianist and composer Natalia Skvortsova (also known as a founder of Independent Researchers Society jazz-group). "Summer Time" is a second studio album, recorded by Natalia and her permanent collaborators. This was an attempt to create a music in a jazz form, inspired by very concrete visual images: rose, train, sleeping boy, beautiful summer landscape. Band Members: Natalia Skvortsova - Piano Dmitri Mospan - Tenor Saxophone Peter Talalai - Drums Pavel Protasov - Contrabass Anton Konchakov - Clarinet, Bass-Clarinet

Комментарии о Summer Time: