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PK (6)

Paul King

Также известно как: Pique
Группа в интернете: http://www.djpique.com, http://www.twitter.com/dj_pique, http://www.youtube.com/piqueofficial, http://www.soundcloud.com/pique

Дискография PK (6):

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Paul King (aka PK, Piqué) is a British born DJ and producer known for playing and producing house music and electronica. In 2002 (under the guise PK), Paul took on a DJ residency at Peach in London. This was soon followed by residencies with Raindance, Tasty, Summit, and guest appearances at various other London-based club events such as The Gallery, Euphoria, Twist, Frantic, HeatUK and Moondance. In 2006 Paul moved to Egypt as a promoter and DJ for weekly Ministry of Sound events at Pacha nightclub in Sharm El Sheikh. In the course of his year in Egypt, Paul performed over 100 times at Pacha in Sharm, and played guest sets at Ministry of Sound nightclub in Hurghada. This year culminated with the opening set at the world's first Hed Kandi Beach Bar. Upon his return to the UK, Paul started producing music under the guise Piqué, and has worked with Can You Feel It media both as producer, artist and A&R consultant. Paul is currently appearing at various nightclubs in the UK, producing music as a solo artist, and collaborating with other producers such as Ben Gold and Ant Brooks on original material.

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