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Uno (8)

Члены группы Uno (8): Danilo Rustici, Elio D'Anna, Enzo Vallicelli

Дискография Uno (8):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Uno 7 audio iTunes 2004-10-29
2 Uno 7 audio iTunes 1974 Les Disques Motors
3 Uno 7 audio iTunes 1995-03-03 Nexus (3)
4 Uno 7 audio iTunes 1974 Fonit
5 Uno 7 audio iTunes 2006
6 Uno 7 audio iTunes 1991 Fonit Cetra
7 Uno 7 audio iTunes 1980 Fonit Cetra

Formed from the ashes of [a836392] when the band split in 1974 by [a1143216] and [a1214242] along with drummer [a142700] (from Hellza Poppin, who had played with Osage Tribe and Claudio Rocchi), Uno was a much-hyped band that went to England to record their first and only album with help from lyricist N.J.Sedwick and singer [a251579] (of The dark side of the moon fame). The album is not far from late Osanna style (Landscape of life-era), with four English-sung tracks and three in Italian, with songs like I cani e la volpe in evidence, but didn't reach the success the band hoped. An English sung version of the album was released abroad, with a nice surreal cover designed by Hipgnosis (again a link with Pink Floyd), but didn't attract much interest. The three-piece band worked well in studio but couldn't get satisfying results when playing live, so the help from Danilo Rustici's brother [a176436] (from [a1184950]) on guitar and bass was requested for live appearances. From this expanded line-up came the inspiration for a new band, called Nova. Enzo Vallicelli has kept playing (and still does it now, under his surname of Vince Vallicelli) as an appreciated blues drummer.

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