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Ekurhuleni Youth Choir

Также известно как: Ekurhuleni Choir
Группа в интернете: http://www.eychoir.com

Дискография Ekurhuleni Youth Choir:

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With their slogan "Unashamedly African," the Ekurhuleni Youth Choir was "established in July 2003 with the aim of affording talented underprivileged teenagers and young adults the opportunity to proficiently perform locally and abroad. Their repertoire is an exciting assortment of African music which incorporates elements of traditional music, pop and jazz." The choir boasts some 50 members, and they have performed with the Tucson Boys Choir from Arizona, Texas, the Kokopelli Youth Choir from Edmonton, Canada, the Radcliffe Choral Society Girls choir from Harvard University, Boston, and local legends, the Drakensberg Boys Choir. "Ekurhuleni" is the Gauteng East Rand, South Africa.

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