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Rascal Reporters

Также известно как: Rascal Reporters, The

Дискография Rascal Reporters:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Happy Accidents 7 audio iTunes 1988 Hebbardesque Records
2 Ridin' On A Bummer 9 audio iTunes 1984 Hebbardesque Records
3 We're God 22 audio iTunes 1997 Wafer Face
4 We're God 14 audio iTunes 1980 Hebbardesque Records
5 Guns For Jerry's Kids / Beatrice 2 audio iTunes 1981 Hebbardesque Records
6 Purple Entrapment 25 audio iTunes 1995 Wafer Face
7 Happy Accidents 12 audio iTunes 1996 ZNR Records
8 Freaks Obscure 16 audio iTunes 1980 Hebbardesque Records
9 Ridin' On A Bummer 18 audio iTunes 2005 Hebbardesque Records

Based in suburban Detroit, formed in the mid-1970s by high school chums Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer, the Rascal Reporters made music together for over 30 years, until Gore's death in March, 2009. Call it Progressive Rock, Avant-Garde Pop, Sound Collage, Experimental, Rock in Opposition, Sentimental Tear Jerkers, Quirky Folk Tunes for Casio, Elevator Music from Hell, or whatever category you like, this duo of Steve Kretzmer (keyboards, percussion, vocals, guitars) and Steve Gore (keyboards, percussion, vocals, guitars) delighted in confusing audiences and smudging the lines between genres over the course of one 7" single and 7 studio albums.

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