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Orlando Fussalva

Orlando Fussalva

Также известно как: O. Fussalva, Orlando "Sticky Fingers" Fussalva
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/deepinfluence

Дискография Orlando Fussalva:

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Over the last few years Orlando F. has established himself as a contributor in the dance music scene. Known for his hard-hitting beats, and mixture of House, Progressive & Tribal. Orlando aka / Deep Influence has been credited with several Top Billboard Dance remixes, for such artists as Mariah Carey, Jason Walker, Ringside, and Sun. Infamously known for dropping Exclusive CD Only Remixes, Deep Influence hits up two back to back dance floors crushers Danzels - Pump It Up, and Bette Midlers The Rose/aka War Of The Roses. Which both mixes went on to become circuit anthems. Shortly after Deep Influence collaborates with Tony Moran & Warren Riggs to produce & remix the theme song for the very popular Allegria Party @ Crobar. Titled Waiting For Allegria- Ft.. Zhane Saunders / Tommy Boy Records. The song hits ..5 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and would be considered the first of several collaborations between the two teams. Since stepping away from the Copacabana(English room) after a 2 year residency, to pursue his music productions. Orlando continued to spin at several venues in, and out of New York. Never leaving his DJ roots far behind. 2005 came full circle for Orlando. After the several release of his remixes, Orlando dives into the circuit, and hits the decks hard. From Rios Revolution Party in Brazil, Chrome in Tampa, Stonewall, and opeining for Tony Moran at Roxy. You might say that the last few years was a break thru for Deep Influence. But theres still plenty of work to be done. Mid 2007 will bring the birth to his Record label with two back to back E.Ps, New production with the one & only Zelma Davis and more collaborations with other DJ / Producers, and of course more remixes & exclusives!!!

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