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Brother Bones

Freeman Davis

Также известно как: Brother Bones And His Shadows

Дискография Brother Bones:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Sweet Georgia Brown 2 audio iTunes Harlem Globetrotters
2 Sweet Georgia Brown 2 audio iTunes Harlem Globetrotters
3 Sweet Georgia Brown 2 audio iTunes Harlem Globetrotters
4 "Bones On The Beat" 12 audio iTunes 1958 Tempo (7)
5 Me And My Shadow / Black Eyed Susan Brown 2 audio iTunes Tempo (7)
6 Poor Butterfly / Lou-Easy-An-I-A 2 audio iTunes Tempo (7)
7 Margie / How Am I To Know 2 audio iTunes Tempo (7)
8 I'm A Ding-Dong Daddy From Dumas 2 audio iTunes Tempo
9 Rosetta 2 audio iTunes 1948 Tempo (7)
10 How I Am To Know 4 audio iTunes 1960 Discophon
11 Me And My Shadow / Lou-Easy-An-I-A 2 audio iTunes Theme

Brother Bones (October 4, 1902 – June 14, 1974) recorded one of the most instantly recognizable songs of the 20th century, yet remains a virtual unknown, overshadowed by his own hit record and the world famous basketball team that adopted it as their official theme. Born Freeman Davis in Montgomery, Alabama, Brother Bones was a one-time shoe shine boy, working at stands in the vestibules of local barber shops. While shining, he would whistle, snap his shoeshine rag and pop his brushes in rhythm to records being played on an old Victrola. Brother Bones became known around town as "Whistling Sam." He would also tap dance and play the bones and knives, perfecting a style which used four bones in each hand whereas most bones players used only two. According to Tempo Records, Brother Bones was discovered by their president while playing in a Chinese restaurant in downtown Los Angeles and shortly after, "Sweet Georgia Brown" was playing on the radio across the nation. Brother Bones went on to record over a dozen songs, appear in at least three movies, perform at Carnegie Hall and was on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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