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Arne Hanna

Дискография Arne Hanna:

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Originally from Melbourne, Hanna has been playing electric guitar in groups since 1971. He studied with [a=Felix Werder] and in 1977 joined Ollie Olsen's [a=Whirlywirld]. After moving to Sydney in 1986 he was a member of [a=Jackie Orszaczky]'s The Godmothers and has played guitar for artists including Michelle Morgan, [a=Coco Robicheaux], Terry Evans, John King Cleary, [a=Renee Geyer], [a=Marcia Hines], [a=Deni Hines], [a=Nick Cave], [a=Michael Spiby], [a=Jackie Orszaczky] & [a=Jim Conway]. He currently composes and performs with "Attaclapse" his own Afro-funk orchestra, and guests with Slewfoot.

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