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Franco Chiaravalle

Francesco Chiaravalle

Также известно как: Chiaravalle, Chiaravalle F., F Chiaravalle, F. Chiaravalle, F. Chiaravallo, F.Chiaravalle, F.Chiaravallo, Fiume Chiaravalle, Maestro Franco Chiaravalle, M° F. Chiaravalle

Дискография Franco Chiaravalle:

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Italian composer and arranger, born on the island of Procida (Naples) on January 23, 1936. Has written over eight hundred songs, many of which have made the history of Italian pop music. Sometimes also known as by his real name Francesco, as for the cinema, where he often accompanied by [a=Nino D'Angelo] for the songs and the music of the film in which he starred and directed.

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